We take great pride in our teachers as they are carefully selected to provide students with the best possible guidance and instruction while giving each child individual attention. Lead teacher Shannon Higginbotham is each Montessori-certified and follows the Montessori teaching philosophy. While the Montessori eduction is consistent, each classroom has its own culture and reflects the unique personalities of the teachers within.

All staff have a City of Boise child care provider license (including background checks), along with CPR and First Aid certifications. We maintain a 1 to 8 teacher to student ratio throughout the day.

Teachers encourage positive attitudes, help create strong individuals, and provide the inspiration for children to learn and progress at their own pace. Teachers provide one-on-one parent/teacher conferences twice a year. An announcement will be made on the classroom bulletin board to schedule specific appointments.
Overland Montessori is family-owned and operated by trained educators.

Overland Lead Teacher Shannon Higginbotham